raw materials imageRaw Materials: Here, colored plastic pellets are shown that are used to give end caps and creel caps their colors.

black pellets imageIn other cases, basic black is appropriate. This is the usual color for creel adapters, although these can also be molded in colors.

test run prep imagePreparing for a Test Run: Setting up the molds requires attention to detail.

final preparation imageFinal Preparations: Before the test run is conducted, the right parameters have to be entered and double-checked.

controlling moisture imageControlling Moisture: If moisture gets into the injection molders, a weakened end product can result.  Pellet driers get the job done right.

reviewing a test run imageReviewing a Test Piece: The microscope can reveal flaws in the materials or processing.

successul run imageSuccess: All the attention to detail pays off. The test run of the new creel cap is successful and the production run can begin.

creel cap examples imageCreel Caps: Just a few examples of the many sizes we make.

creel production run imageCreel Adapter Production Run: One of our computer-controlled injection molders seen during mold set-up.

programming imageProgramming: Creel adapter run parameters are entered.

finishing touch imageFinishing Touch: After a creel adapter is molded, the center mold piece is removed. This leaves the hole for the creel pin.

end results - ready for packaging imageEnd Results: A load of creel adapters is ready for packing and shipping.

creel adapter sample imageCreel Adapters: A sampling of the various creel adapters we produce. Some of those pictured here can be fitted on top of each other allowing for rapid change-outs for different-sized yarn packages.

recycle imageRecycling Cuts Costs: This chopper is used to grind up sprue and off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste after production runs. This material is recycled and the cost savings are passed on to our clients.

another view imageAnother View: In this view, you can see the out-feed conveyor at the left-hand side of the picture. The conveyor speeds production.

production line imageA Production Line: This view of several injection molders shows off our production capacity.

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