Yarn and Thread GuidesWe carry a diverse selection manufactured from a wide range of materials, primarily ceramic. Various surface finishes are available.
Yarn Tensioning DevicesOur selection is ample and includes items that operate on the different methods of applying tension.
Creel Caps and Creel AdaptersFor yarn packages on the creel, we offer smoothed and inspected creel caps. We also offer creel adapters to hold the package stable on the creel pin.
Finish Applicators (aka Oiling Guides)Finish applicators are among the most critical contact points for equipment running synthetic yarn. Extruded filament yarns need some oil, or spin finish to lubricate the individual fibers and promote cohesion of the yarn bundle. Without the proper finish applicator, loose filaments are easily broken, leading to filamentation and inferior yarn.

The finish applicators sold by Eldon are those made by Yuasa Yarn Guide of Japan. Their designs are continually revised and optimized for various types of yarn and varied production speeds. Due to the innovative nature of these design revisions, we request that you specify information about your application so we can suggest the ideal applicator for your process.
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Hours of Operation
Our Normal Operating Hours Are:

Eastern Time, Monday thru Thursday.

On Fridays, we operate from 8:00am until noon.

We are closed for the week of Christmas and for the week of July 4th.
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Information requested for selection of finish applicators:• Yarn Type (Nylon, Polyester, etc.)
• Yarn Size (denier or decitex, please specify)
• Number of filaments in yarn
• Yarn speed