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• Creel Adapters
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• Hook Entrapment Guides
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Specialized Guides
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• Oiling/Finish Applicators
• Twist Stops
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• Washer Tensors
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• Hysteresis Tensors
• Flat Spring Tensors
• Tension Discs
• Sensors and Detectors
• Cutters
• Slub Catchers
Custom Products
custom products imageEldon has the capabilites to offer custom fabrication for items not in our existing product line. Most of the custom products we have created over the years have been to adapt ceramic guides to machinery in use; as the best guide does not always come with a convenient means to attach to the customer's equipment. While we also offer custom fabrication of ceramics, there are minimum quantity considerations for this to be achieved within reasonable cost considerations. For example, custom ceramic eyelets carry a minimum order of 500 pieces. For most other designs of custom ceramics, 250 pieces is the minimum quantity.

We also offer injection molding services, and this can be accomplished with existing molds (customer supplied), or by investing in the development of new molds for a custom part. In this case, the minimum quantity commitment is typically 10,000 pieces. We have the capability of molding parts from as small as a thumbnail to as large as a shoebox.

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