At Eldon, our focus is on offering replacement parts, components and solutions for textile manufacturers who wish to optimize yarn tension, while minimizing friction and fiber damage. With our focus on components and not complete machines, we strive to supply quality products at a competitive price in the United States and international markets.

We keep up with changes in the industry. This allows us to better support our customers' needs for adapting machines to keep pace with technology.

Another way we support our customers is through our partnerships. In 1980, we became the North American Agent for Yuasa Yarn Guide of Japan. Many of the products we offer are manufactured by Yuasa which has striven for quality in its' product line. We are honored to offer these products in North America. Their ceramic yarn guides, tension devices, yarn detectors, and yarn cutters are of the highest quality and durability.

For many years our primary focus has been on false twist texturing. In response to customer needs, however, we expanded our product offerings. We began to offer products, such as ceramics, which are used across the board in the textile industry. In response to the growth in fiber production in the US, we also began offering more and more items to fiber producers. This has aided them in maintaining the high standards of quality their customers expect.

Eldon's most recent expansion has been into wire processing where we are supplying ceramic guides for greater wear resistance. Now, as in the past, Eldon Specialties continues to apply lessons learned along the way. This positions us to keep up with the latest technological advances and to continue to service our customers effectively.

Hours of Operation
Our Normal Operating Hours Are:

Eastern Time, Monday thru Thursday.

On Fridays, we operate from 8:00am until noon.

We are closed for the week of Christmas and for the week of July 4th.