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Textile Machinery Parts and Components Since 1975
Straight Shouldered Eyelets...Pigtails / Dogtails...Grooved Eyelets...Roller Guides...Split Eyelets...Traverse Guides...Double Shouldered Eyelets...Tube Finished ID's...Specialty Eyelets...Post / Sleeve-Polished OD's...Split / Hook Entrapment Guides...Bearing Roller Guides...Ceramic Assemblies...                                                            Working Harder ... Providing Quality   

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Eldon Headquarters
Plant 1 in Graham, N.C.


Welcome to the Eldon Specialties Website...



This site is a customer reference center for information about Eldon Specialties, it's products and services.




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Eldon Specialties is a supplier of machinery parts and components, custom injection-molded items, and made-to-spec products supporting the domestic and international textile industries since 1975.




In 1980, we became the North American Agent for Yuasa Yarn Guide of Japan. Many of the products we offer are manufactured by Yuasa. Yuasa strives for quality in it's product line. We are honored to offer these products in North America.

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